Will it be the Usual Suspects?

Some people choose to invest in a savings account, whilst others like to invest in shares, and others…wait, what? Is this a football betting article? Ah yes, my mind got waylaid as betting on some of the top European Leagues has been the equivalent to a long-term investment over the past 7 years. I will discuss the top leagues in Europe, with the exception of the Premier League, and their predictable champions outcome becoming so obvious that it is ‘almost’ guaranteed money.

Here on betting.football, we provide match betting articles for the Italian, Spanish, French and German leagues on a weekly basis, but come May, the title winners don’t tend to change. I’ll look at the recent history, and draw that comparison from an outright league winner bet to a savings account. However, if you are a tipster, please continue reading, as I’ll give you some reasoning as to why the trend just might change this year for a few chosen leagues.

Spanish La Liga

Outright Champion Odds;

Barcelona – 4/6
Real Madrid – 11/8
Atletico Madrid – 14/1
Valencia – 80/1

Previous seven winners;
2018/2019 – Barcelona
2017/2018 – Barcelona
2016/2017 – Real Madrid
2015/2016 – Barcelona
2014/2015 – Barcelona
2013/2014 – Atletico Madrid
2012/2013 – Barcelona

Not only have Barcelona won five of the last seven titles, but they have also won eight out of the last eleven. In all honesty, they walked away with the league last year, and the summer reinforcements that include Frenkie de Jong and Antoine Griezzman, they’ll be expected to do so again. Considering the odds are at 4/6, they do seem relatively generous as it’s almost a dead-cert. Maybe people may be shouting at their screen right now saying ‘Yes, but Eden Hazard has signed for Real Madrid!’, and I hear you loud and clearly. However, it’s undeniable that Real Madrid were unbelievably poor last season, and despite some good summer business, they are far weaker than this current crop of Barcelona players. Real Madrid have just as much chance of having a wonder-season as they do have of having a torrid season, whereas Barcelona (and Messi), don’t let the standards drop in any season. They’ll be relentless on their way to the title, and potentially European success, too.

My Prediction: Barcelona to win the league

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Outright Champion Odds

Bayern Munich – 1/4
Borussia Dortmund – 4/1
RB Leipzig – 14/1
Bayer Leverkusen – 33/1

Previous seven winners:

2018/2019 – Bayern Munich
2017/2018 – Bayern Munich
2016/2017 – Bayern Munich
2015/2016 – Bayern Munich
2014/2015 – Bayern Munich
2013/2014 – Bayern Munich
2012/2013 – Bayern Munich

Well, the stats above say all you need to know about this championship. Bayern Munich are the PowerHouse. Capital P. Capital H. Most of those seasons, they have secured it officially in April, but in reality, far sooner than that. It must be noted that last season was their tightest title race, as they had to wait until the final day of the season to secure it. Borussia Dortmund have a phenomenal first half of the season, and were 9 points ahead at one point. However, Bayern Munich were unremitting in the 2nd half of the season, which was encapsulated in their 6-0 defeat of Dortmund as the season neared towards the end. I do believe that Dortmund have a better chance of a title this year, and that may be due to Mats Hummels re-signing for Dortmund after his spell at Bayern Munich. For all those bettors that have been investing money by backing Bayern Munich all those years, it may be the right time to bet on someone else. For the tipsters, Dortmund at 4/1 is decent value.

My Predictions: Borussia Dortmund to win the league

Serie A

Outright Champion Odds

Juventus – 4/9
Inter Milan – 5/1
Napoli – 11/2
AC Milan – 25/1

Previous seven winners:

2018/2019 – Juventus
2017/2018 – Juventus
2016/2017 – Juventus
2015/2016 – Juventus
2014/2015 – Juventus
2013/2014 – Juventus
2012/2013 – Juventus

Juventus have won the league for the last 8 seasons. Eight. The Italian league has been considered to be one of the strongest leagues in the world of all time, but the likes of Roma, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Napoli have been seriously lacking in the last decade, meaning the Old Lady has had a brisk walk to the promise land. It has to be said, that Juventus are much more than just Ronaldo, as they have Paulo Dybala, & Miralem Pjanic to support him, and at the back the stern defence of Georgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci. In the summer, they have made new additions to bolster their squad, as they hope to win the Champions League for the first time since the 1990’s. The only real challenger they have is probably Inter Milan who have talented manager Antonio Conte in charge now, who has recently brought in striker Romelu Lukaku. However, the investors will be happy to know that Juventus won’t drop their standards, and at 4/9, you’ll get a decent return.

Ligue 1

Outright Championship Odds

PSG – 1/10
Lyon – 10/1
Marseille – 20/1
Monaco – 33/1

Previous Seven Winners:

2018/2019 – PSG
2017/2018 – PSG
2016/2017 – Monaco
2015/2016 – PSG
2014/2015 – PSG
2013/2014 – PSG
2012/2013 – PSG

If PSG were to sell Neymar, have Kylian Mbappe injured all season, and Edison Cavani out of form, then they will still win the league by a landslide. The French League is officially, a one-man league, or it is commonly known as the ‘Farmers League’. Something crazy happened in 2017, as Monaco had unearthed some players such as Bernando Silva, Mbappe himself, Fabinho, and Lemar. With the experience of the in-form Radamel Falcao, they went on to win the French League, and broke up the PSG dominancy. Since then, PSG have been back to their brilliant best, invested millions more, and have won the last two leagues at a canter. In fact, last season they started with a 14 match winning streak, and had the title basically secured from Christmas, allowing them time to focus (and bottle), the other competitions they were competing for. To get some easy money, back PSG. For the tipsters, I wouldn’t even bother wasting your time…

My Prediction: PSG to win the league

Thanks for reading my short and snappy preview of the major European leagues. I hope that the competition will be there for the duration of the season, so we’ll have to wait and see. Only one week until these leagues kick off, so bring it on!

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