As football bettors, we are always keen on betting on a full time result in football. Perhaps physiologically when we entertain ourselves by watching a football match, we ultimately want to know what the final result will be, and sometimes this is more important than the quality of the football teams on the pitch.

Therefore, we subconsciously share these thoughts when betting on football, so we end up putting a stake on the winner in a match, or alternatively, an accumulator, where we select more than one game – but still bet on the full time result.

However, have we thought about betting on the half time result instead? What exactly is it? And is it better for the bettor? I will give you some tips on why it’s a great idea to shift your full time bets to half time bets, as it can increase your chances of winning money, and getting big gains in the process.

What is a Half Time Result?

With every football match, if you bet on the result of the game you have three options. A home win, a draw or an away win. You can bet on one (unless you do a double chance), and will win your stake if it comes through. A half time result is self-explanatorily – you just bet on the result that is at 45 minutes, when the half time whistle blows.

The second half is completely irrelevant to you. For example, if you bet on a match between strong favourites Manchester City, against struggling teams like Fulham, you’ll get odds like this for the FULL TIME result;

Manchester City to win – 1/7
Draw – 11/2
Fulham to win – 14/1

However, if you look to bet on the half time result of the game, odds will appear like this;

Manchester City to be winning at half time – 3/5
Draw – 11/5
Fulham to be winning at half time – 7/1

So, let’s say you bet on Manchester City to be winning at half time, and they are comfortably 2-0 up in the first half, you will win your stake. It doesn’t matter if Manchester City continue to win the game, or they draw 2-2 or even Fulham come back to win 3-2 – you’ll still win your bet. ‘It’s a game of two halves’, a phrase so commonly used about football, but it doesn’t apply here.

Tip 1 – Increase winnings on the Certainties

When we often rummage through matches when there is a whole host of fixtures, we often see a few one sided bets, offering really short odds on the favourites to win. Understandably, when backing the strong sides such as Barcelona, Manchester City, Liverpool and others, we can see odds such as 1/5 to 1/20, and us betting on them to win doesn’t excellent add many pennies to our pockets.

One of the greatest things about betting on the half time result, means that you can still back the favourite side, but your gains will amplify. For example, using my explanation of the bet earlier, you could clearly see that betting on Manchester City to be winning at half time at 3/5 sounds a lot more appealing than them to win at full time at 1/7.

Obviously, there is a slight risk involved, but sometimes favourites dominate from the starting whistle, and lead from early on. More often than not, it’s worth it.

Tip 2 – Evidence suggests underdogs can triumph

On the other end of the spectrum, if you like your high risk high reward bets, then this can materialise for you too, and you’ll have a better chance of winning, than if you just bet on the underdog winning outright. Throughout a full 90 minutes, it’s hard for a team to get a win against a side who was a lot more favourable than them, but on so many occasions, the weaker teams have been level or even leading at half time.

For example, if you check Arsenal’s campaign in 2018/2019, you’ll see that they were not winning at half time in any of their first 23 matches of the season, and about 18 of those they were clear favourite to win. Therefore, at least 18 times, the odds of them to be drawing at half time, or losing at half time would be between 6/5 to 5/1 – no doubts.

So, betting on the ‘underdogs’ during those matches would have won you a lot of money, so don’t ever panic in betting on the weaker side to get a surprise half time lead, or draw for some excellent value.

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Tip 3 – Accumulator Friendly

Most betting websites will allow you to choose a half time result accumulator, and it’s quickly becoming my favourite betting type. The odds are closer to 1/1 (evens), so picking a list of at least 5 will always give you back a fantastic return.

For example, let’s say you choose five Italian Serie A matches on a Sunday evening, and you backed three of them to be a draw, and two of them for the favourite to take the lead before half time, the odds would easily range from 60/1 to 100/1. If you decided to bet on five football matches on their full time result, it would be hard to replicate that value.

Tip 4 – Draws are your friend

During the 2018/2019 season, there was a time where Tottenham had gone on a 29 match run of NOT drawing a game. In addition to that, there was over 40 Premier League games without a draw too. I like to bet on draws, because they give value, but even I couldn’t argue with statistics like that. Betting on the outcome of a draw in a Premier League game was an equivalent way of chucking money out of the window.

However, many of those Tottenham games WERE draws at half time, and in those 40 Premier League matches, almost half were drawing at half time. The odds are shorter than they are for full time draws, but still it was happening at lot more and the odds would never be shorter than 1/1 (evens). Back the draw!

Tip 5 – Enjoy the dull 1st half, Relax in the Satisfying 2nd!

Finally, increase your enjoyment! We all know that football games can take some time to spice up, and usually we are entertained a lot more in the 2nd half. So, to counteract these sometimes dire first halves, bet on them to make them more interesting, and whilst the 2nd half is commencing, you’ll be too busy counting your cash, as you sit back, relax, and enjoy the football.

You don’t have to worry about things drastically changing in the 2nd half, and worrying about every kick – you’ll have already won (or lost, but at least you are put out of your misery). Half time bets certainly make you enjoy the first time a lot more, so when everyone is complaining about the anti-climax of the match, you’ll be delighted to have backed a draw.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and all the best with any placed bets on half time results – take on my words of wisdom and reap the rewards!

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