If you have that feeling you are losing way more than you should be winning when it comes to betting on the outcome of football matches, then it might be the right time to consider other betting strategies.

It can so often be the case that your coupons are being busted, and it feels that it’s almost impossible to call all the matches correctly. Thankfully, there is a way you can double your chances of winning, hence the name ‘Double Chance’, by betting on two outcomes instead of just one. I, like many others, have enjoyed far more success with this type of betting, and now I will provide you some tips on how to maximise your earning potential – I hope it serves you well.

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What is Double Chance?

When betting on the result of a football match, there is always three outcomes possible. The home team wins, the away team wins, or it’s a draw. Obviously, when betting on matches on an individual bases, or betting on matches in an accumulator, we always look at the nice shiny ‘Full time Result’ or ‘Match Result’ at the top of the bookmaker’s site, and we bet on one possible option out of three. However, there is a possibility to choose a double chance, where you pick two outcomes instead of one – literally doubling your chances of winning. Therefore, here are your options.

Choice One: Back the Home Team AND a Draw
Choice Two: Back the Home Team AND Away Team
Choice Three: Back the Away Team AND a Draw

As expected, with your chances increasing, the odds shorten. There are the only three options you can choose from, where you are successful on two different outcomes, and you will win the same amount of money no matter which one of your outcomes is correct.

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Tip 1 – Back Against the Overwhelming Favourites

As I mentioned briefly earlier, ‘coupon busters’ is something that is the vein of every bettor’s life. In football betting culture, it’s normal to bet on an accumulator most weekends, and select anything from 5 to 20 matches, and usually we pick the favourites to win all the matches, or just trust our gut. ‘Barcelona will win, select, Manchester City will win, select, Bayern Munich will win…’, and so on. However, such is the unpredictability of football, we often get let down by a couple of teams, and it very rarely goes to plan.

Therefore, why don’t we put the shoe on the other foot? Instead of backing 10 favourites to win, let’s back the double chance against those teams to win, and to make the same amount of money, you’ll only need to pick a selection of three or four matches. For example, instead of backing Barcelona to beat Girona at 1/8, and win peanuts if it comes through, or be angry when it costs you your accumulator. Instead, let’s back Girona to win or draw the match at 5/1, and coupled with one or two others, it can make you win large amounts of money, despite having less expectation.

Tip 2 – Can’t call it? Double chance it.

When matches are evenly balanced, or in any type of match where you even think that the favourites might not find it as easy as the bookmakers make it out – double your chance. Don’t be too risky and bet on one outcome, because you’ll be regretting it, certainly in an accumulator situation. Double chance was invented for that particular reason, so despite the odds shortening, a small gain is better than a loss.

Tip 3 – Make ‘safe bets’ as safe as possible

There is no such thing as a ‘dead cert’ in betting, and I have never been a big fan of the term ‘safe bet’ either. It’s never going to be possible to win every bet that you put down, but if you want to make slow progressive income with betting, then double chance may be one of the best strategies in order to do it, and can make ‘safe bets’ as safe as possible.

Often, you can bet on there to be more than 0.5 goals, or less than 6.5 goals, or backing on a handicap for some of the shortest odds possible. To add to that list, I believe double chance is another one you should consider. For example, when Manchester City played Newport County in the FA Cup, they were about 1/100 to win on a double chance (Manchester City win or draw). That type of betting going against you would happen once in a blue moon (pardon the pun), so if you have big money to wager, then double chance is a safe way of gradually building your income.

Tip 4 – Accumulators are now more fun

How many times do you win accumulators? I can’t speak on everyone’s behalf but the most of people I know haven’t got into double figures of successes for accumulators, and they have been betting on them for over a decade. Some are lucky to have won more than 1. A lot of people miss by a couple, miss by loads, as it’s rare to predict the outcome for so many matches correctly. When I had discovered double chance, instead of being irritated by coupon busters, constantly disappointed, I actually won repeatedly.

They are more fun because you have a better chance of winning (most importantly), then throughout the 90 minutes you are always usually in within a chance (keeps you involved and excited) and then when you eventually win, your first words will be ‘Yes! I have won!’ instead of ‘I wish I could win more money…’. You simply won’t care about the shortened odds because you won! I can assure you it’s a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Tip 5 – Research, analyse, and be patient

As always with any betting strategy – you need to put in the work to get the rewards. Avoid betting on friendlies, international matches, cup matches or just picking names based on reputation. Research, analyse, and study the teams involved, the head to head records, injuries & suspensions to players, form and much more to make sure that your bet has the least amount of risk involved if you are betting on a ‘safe bet’ or increase your chances of winning a high risk, high reward bet.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the tips of this article, and it helps you maximise earnings and enjoy betting on Double Chance.

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