Correct score? How many goals? Cards? Corners? Yes, we may hear here these bets advertised across posters, radio and televisions when a huge game is on the horizon, but one of the most popular bets amongst the population is the Scorecast. From the age of 18, when I first walked into the bookies, I always felt happy about choosing a Scorecast. A few years wiser, and more well-informed, that excitement hasn’t changed. It’s the type of bet for the high risk/high reward tipsters out there, and here are some of the tips to help you maximise your earnings

First of all, what is a Scorecast?

Scorecast is a combination of first goal scorer and correct score. For example, if you predicted that Liverpool would beat Newcastle 3-0, you’ll get odds of 10/1. If you predict that Mohammed Salah would score first, that is at 3/1. Therefore, by merging the two predictions, you can choose ‘Mohammed Salah to score first, and Liverpool to win 3-0’ which would be priced at 30/1 (3 multiplied by 10 in this scenario). If Liverpool win 3-0, but Salah didn’t score first, you lose. If Salah scores first, and the result is anything different from a 3-0, you lose. Both have to come together to win the money, which is why the odds will always be generous. Many tipsters out there use accumulators and hope that many scenarios and results go their way, but Scorecasts just relies on one game, and there is huge potential for winning big here.

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Tip 1: Find out who takes the penalties/free-kicks

In particular if you are betting on bigger and tighter matches, always do research on who takes the penalties and free-kicks for the side. Usually, we often go for the strikers in excellent form to score first which usually ranges from 2/1 to 6/1, but if you choose a penalty taker or free-kick taker that doesn’t play up front, then your odds will increase. For example, Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos takes the penalties, David Luiz takes the free-kicks for Chelsea, Kieran Tripper for Tottenham and Aleksander Kolarov is a left-back that has scored the first goal many times for Manchester City, Roma and Serbia over the years. These players odds could range 18/1 to 40/1.

Tip 2: Header from a set-piece

We may expect the first goal to be a one-on-one or tap-in from the in-form striker, but so often in reality we actually see a header from a free-kick or corner. Perhaps the strikers may score them, but statistically, its usually the big defenders that come up and get these huge first goals in games. England’s World Cup campaign was a perfect example, with John Stones and Harry Maguire scoring the first goal in two different games. Not only that, but Gerard Pique is always amongst the goals, Toby Alderweireld, Samuel Umtiti and so many more, from the centre of the defence. As for the odds? They will range from 20/1 to 45/1.

Tip 3: Back the first scorer to be on the losing side

Backing teams to win from behind always increases the odds even more and happens a lot more than you’d think. By backing the first scorer to be on the losing side of the result, sometimes the odds can triple or even quadruple. Case in point, for the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester United in 2018, backing Eden Hazard of Chelsea to score first in a 2-1 Chelsea win was at 22/1, but for him to score first in a 2-1 defeat, would be at 80/1. By switching the score, it can enlarge your odds significantly, and the tipsters out there should be gladly aware of that. I’ve known many big winners over the years and can’t recommend it enough.

Tip 4: Be audacious with the score line

As we are combining two outcomes of happening, betting on a ‘predictable’ result never boosts your odds enough. Especially as there is no such thing as ‘predictable result’. Putting it bluntly, but any score can happen in a football match, and by choosing a 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1 is far from certain, so it’s worth being a bit riskier in your predictions and bet on matches that will see high scoring draws, games with over 3 goals, or emphatic victories. Look over the key games in recent seasons, not many people would have anticipated Barcelona to beat Real Madrid 5-1, Manchester City to beat Chelsea 6-0, or Liverpool to beat Arsenal 4-3 on the opening day of the season back in 2016 – I could name hundreds more.

Look, I am not suggesting these types of results happen all the time, but there is not a regular pattern of low scoring tight affair games. Backing 1-0, 2-0, 2-1 will get you odds of about 4/1 to 8/1, whereas any score line with more than 3.5 goals, emphatic score lines can range from 11/1 to 100/1.

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Tip 5: Enjoy your betting

Yes, it may be obvious, but don’t forget to enjoy betting responsibly, and this type of bet tends to have more enjoyment than most other bets. As I said in the intro, I remember putting my first ever football bet on a Scorecast, because it adds excitement to the football match that you are planning to watch.

Don’t get me wrong, the most enjoyable way of watching sport is by winning money on it, but the reality is that Scorecasts don’t come in too often, but the buzz you’ll get from a winning Scorecast will triumph any other betting victory you’ll have had and it’s a real journey. The excitement is there, from the process of who you want to select, what you want the score to be, and whilst you are watching the game.

I don’t believe that Scorecasts are the go-to bets for a regular income from betting, but for fun, for big gains, for actually drinking a beer and watching the match with your mates, the Scorecast trumps all.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these 5 big tips for betting on a Scorecast, and reading this encourages you to put on a cheeky few bets in the future.

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