Due to the unpredictable nature of football, many of us bettors have learnt that its best to gamble and back a ‘long-shot’, as we try to win a high-risk, high-reward bet.

Our stakes don’t necessarily need to be high, but our winnings can go through the roof if we were to be successful. As tipsters, we always look for fantastic value in the market, and we can research, and plot a way to bet on outcomes and scenarios that can possibly happen to give us a high-reward. Whilst some people like to be calculated, and would rather put on bigger amounts of money for smaller gains, there is a giant portion of the betting population that loves the thrill of betting on long odds.

There are many ways to bet on a high-reward type of bet, which includes backing the underdog to win, a highly unlikely score line, or by making an accumulator that increases the odds with each individual game/scenario you choose to back. However, when betting on individual matches, it can be slim pickings for choosing a bet with the potential to win big. But, you will be able to find that there are still some betting types that are the most generous with odds, and yet give you a reasonable chance of being successful (in my experience, anyway).

So, I have narrowed it down to the best 5 individual bets in a football game, that can give you a high-risk, high-reward gain!

Win from Behind

Betting on a team to win from behind will give you odds from about 9/1 to 50/1 depending on the two teams involved. To win on this bet, the team you want to win must be behind in the game at some point, not necessarily just losing 1-0. For example, if the team you backed to win, were leading 1-0, and then were losing 2-1, and then they’d eventually win 3-2 – you’d still win the bet because they were behind at one time.

Backing the favourite to win from behind will be the lower end of the spectrum, between 9/1 and 16/1, but in my opinion give great value considering the possibility of it happening. Many times the weaker sides can get the first goal, but as the game gets on, the quality starts to show, and the favourites tend to pile on the pressure and get goals to gain victory.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United of the 1990’s was a great example of this, and in recent times, teams such as Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Liverpool and Dortmund have a good record of winning despite being behind in the game.

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Player to score with a Header or from Outside the Area

Whilst this may not be available in every single match you choose to bet on, it will almost certainly be available in bigger matches that tend to be broadcasted on television. This essentially gives you the chance to bet on players to score a certain type of goal to further increase the odds, and give you a higher reward.

Backing a player to score at any time can be between the odds of 8/11 to 15/1, depending on the attacking goal threat they possess, but by backing them to score a particular type of goal can give you odds from 7/1 to 50/1. A perfect example for this would be Cristiano Ronaldo, who has an excellent heading record.

For him to score at any time, can be as low as 5/6, but to score a header would be in about the 5/1 range. Given the two options, you’d definitely would want to back the latter.

Goalscorer Treble

Betting on one player, or sometimes even two players doesn’t provide you those high reward winnings. Therefore, let’s turn it up a notch, and try to back three different goal scorers within the same game.

Admittedly, not every game has at least three goals, and even then you are relying on three different scorers, but the odds are fantastic if you do your homework. We can get a lot of joy out of this type of bet, as it comes in all the time, particularly in predictably high scoring games. For example, backing goalscorers in the Manchester City’s match against Spurs in the Champions League in 2019, we witnessed Raheem Sterling, Sergio Aguero and Son Heung-min score (with two of them scoring twice), and prior to the game, everyone had them down as real goal threats.

It wasn’t totally surprising that they all scored, and the odds of that was at 25/1. Once again, this bet isn’t always available, but you should see it as an option for most matches.


Perhaps the most familiar in this list of high rewards, is the infamous Scorecast. This bet you choose the first goal scorer, and combine it with the correct score which you predict.

The beauty of this type of bet is that the smallest possible odds would be about 10/1, but they can also range to about 500/1 depending on how outlandish your prediction is. If you were to become a millionaire from one single match, then Scorecast would be the most likely route. Backing a player to score first, which could range from 2/1 to 50/1, multiplied by the correct score, which is from 5/1 to 100/1, you can see how your odds will soon increase significantly.

In example terms, that means star attacker Lionel Messi scoring first in a 2-0 win is around 12/1, or a random goal-shy defender scoring first in a 4-3 defeat which would be about 250/1.

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Winning Margin

Finally, we have the winning margin of a game, which offer you odds from about 11/4 to about 50/1 for most matches depending on the two sides involved. This betting type is widely available throughout all bookmakers, and you are simply picking the margin that one team would win by.

Usually, the options are to back a team to win by exactly 1 goal, exactly two goals, or by 3 goals or more. Due to your margin being restricted to one goal, the odds are always providing good value, even on the most likely scenarios. However, to further boost the odds, you can back the overwhelming favourites to win by exactly one goal, pick a winner of a tight game to win by a 3+ goal margin, or finally, pick the underdog to win with any type of margin, as you can see odds range from 20/1 to 50/1, and beyond.

Another example, would be to back the underdog who is at 6/1 in a normal ‘Match Result’ bet, but by backing them to win by a 1 goal margin would at least double to a 12/1, and realistically, underdogs don’t tend to win games by big margins anyway!

That concludes the top 5 high risk, high reward betting types on an individual match. I hope that you have enjoyed reading, found it useful and will start to implement these betting types to see you gain those massive gains in the games of the future!

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