There are many different types of betting, and most include a vigorous research of the two teams involved. We often research attentively their head to head stats, their current form, injuries, and suspensions, as you are often choosing one side to be better than the other – whether it’s to win, score goals, lead the game, back their strikers and so on. However, some bets are almost (I said almost) entirely just like a lottery.

One of these example is betting on the time of the first goal. You are not backing a team, or a player, a favourite, or an underdog, but for the first goal to be in an allocated time slot, ranging from minute 1 to minute 90. It’s a fun way to bet on football, as you don’t need to stress on all the minor details and statisticians, letting your own bias cloud your judgment, and instead just hope a bit of luck comes your way. Having said that, many believe it’s a complete lottery, but here are five tips that will help put the odds more in your favour when betting on when the first goal in the match will be scored.

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Time of First Goal – Example

First of all, just to make myself clear on what this type of bet is, it’s when you choose a 10-minute time slot for the first goal to be scored in a match. The odds and selections will look like this;

0-10 minutes – 10/3
11-20 minutes – 7/2
21-30 minutes – 5/1
31-40 minutes – 13/2
41-50 minutes – 7/1
51-60 minutes – 10/1
61-70 minutes – 14/1
71-80 minutes – 18/1
81-90 minutes – 20/1

The odds will change ever so slightly depending on the match, but above is a fair representation of most matches. It’s important to remember that if there are no goals in the game, you don’t not get your stake bet, and it would count as a loss. Also, some punters get confused with when the minute starts, so as an example, if a goal was scored on 10:01, then the winning outcome would be the 11-20 minutes, because the 11th minute has started. Additionally, if the first half stoppage time goes to 51 minutes (which is a rare scenario), and a goal gets scored, the winning outcome would be 41-50, and not 51-60, because any goal scoring in additional time is either minute 45 (in the first half), or minute 90 (in the second half).

Tip 1 – Make most of High Risk, High Reward

As you can see from the odds above, they are quite generous, as technically you have a 1 in 9 chance of being correct. It’s a high risk, but you will be gifted a high reward if it was to come through, and there is more chance of selecting a right time slot, as opposed to betting on an underdog in a match result bet. For example, betting on Brighton to eliminate Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final is at 10/1, suggesting that if the game was to be played 10 times, Brighton will qualify from one. That would be the same odds of there being the first goal in the game coming between minutes 51-60.

What sounds more likely to you? Brighton are 10/1 underdogs because they are simply not good enough, whereas the time slot between 51-60 is just a random time that has no other variant involved. It’s more of a lottery, so despite having a high reward, I believe there is a ‘lower’ high risk than other betting types. Finally, if you are feeling extremely lucky, you can pick two, three or more games in an accumulator, and see your odds lengthen significantly.

Three selections will give you odds of about 300-500/1, and five selections can boost it to 10,000-100,000/1. No point in buying a lottery ticket – choose this option instead, and you have more insight than just picking numbers at random.

Tip 2 – End of halves gives you more time

All of the timeslots are 10 complete minutes with the exception of two. 41-50 and 81-90 will extend from 10 minutes to possible 12 to 20+, depending how much injury time is given in the game. The odds of a 41-50 is at 7/1, and 81-90 is at a generous 20/1 – which are a lot better than some of the complete 10 minute slots. Whilst players are getting injured, and goalkeepers are timewasting, this may be frustrating other bettors, but not for you. You’ll be happy to know that the referee will put up an additional 5 minutes, and increases your chances of winning this bet.

Tip 3 – Be patient, win bigger

Good things come to those who wait. From the odds in the example, you will witness that the odds are longer the game goes on. For some, it may take the fun out of the game by betting on goals to appear later on in the game, knowing you are supporting the lack of goals, instead of encouraging attacking and entertaining play. However, if you are patient, you can win big, and it’s so often the case that football games do take a while to get going, and that there are likely to be more goals in the second half. There is proof of this too with further research, which brings us to…

Tip 4 – Check Out the Stats

Statistics. Like marmite, some love, some hate. The average first goal of a football team throughout a season will be between 22 and 42 minutes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that most ‘first goals’ come during that time. In fact, in all of the top leagues around Europe last season, more goals were scored in the second half, and even in the two last major international tournaments – goals in the second half trumped goals in the first half.

Whether its defensive teams parking the bus more competently, or attacking teams lacking urgency in the first half, there is a lot of evidence out there to suggest that this a common theme in current football. Check out all the stats from the World Wide Web, and you can see tons on infographics on when first goal usually occurs, and you can make your own mind up, and see where the value is.comeon sports betting bonus

Tip 5 – Analyse the Two Teams

Finally, every match is unique, with different teams having dissimilar ambitions, having unalike form, and everything else. If it’s a strong title contender, let’s say Barcelona, against a relegation battler, like Huesca, then you may think Barcelona won’t take too long to score so you’ll look at one of the earlier options if you are a ‘safe’ bettor, or a second half goal of any time if you are a ‘tipster’. If the two teams are equal, with a high stake in the game, then usually both teams take time to work each other out, which means the game may start slowly, which would prompt you to back a time in the middle third of the game.

For each match, check the team’s recent matches, notify how early they have been scoring goals, and then see the opposition and see how they fare up. This is a lottery type of bet, but a bit of analysing will go a long way. Oh, and the beauty is – either team that scores will pocket the cash. If Huesca score within 5 minutes, but you had bet on 0-10 minutes because you anticipated an early Barcelona goal, then who cares? You win anyway.

I hope you enjoyed reading my top 5 tips on ‘Time of First Goal’ in football betting, and that you will take on my advice on and profit from this profusely. All the best! on facebook Follow to get instant Free regular Expert betting tips Follow Us

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