A football betting type that would be visible on all bookie websites is the popular ‘Draw No Bet’. This bet type just simply removes the outcome of a draw, so instead of betting on a match with three outcomes, you simply just bet on two – either the home team to win or the away team to win. This betting technique has grown in popularity with the more astute and savvy bettors over the years, who have tried to find a way to remove the possibility of being let down by a draw occurring. Many people undervalue the chance of a draw happening, but on a normal match day at the weekend, you’ll see a draw in every 3 or 4 matches at least. Therefore, here are some of the best tips if you are new to exploring this avenue, and how you can maximise your earning potential if you choose to do this bet for the future.

Draw No Bet – Example

A ‘Draw No Bet’ is one of the simplest betting types. When betting on the result of a football match, you have three outcomes; Home Team, Draw, Away Win. Therefore, you have three options to choose from, and you will win your stake and winnings if your selection wins. For an even match, the odds can be seen as this;

Even Match: Home Team (5/4) / Draw (2/1) / Away Team (23/10)

Here, are the odds for a match where one team is a strong favourite to win;

One-sided Match: Home Team (3/10) / Draw (18/5) / Away Team (10/1)

So, lets convert these into a Draw No Bet, by removing the ‘Draw’ option.

Even Match: Home Team (4/7) / Away Team (5/4)

One-sided Match: Home Team (1/16) Away Team (10/1)

Now, you will win your stake and winnings back if your selection wins, but if the match is a draw, you don’t lose your stake, as you will get it back – and you’re back to square one. The only way you lose money is if you bet on the home team to win, but the away team wins instead, or vice-versa. In football context, you could bet £100 on Manchester City to beat Watford at home in a ‘Draw No Bet’, at the odds of 1/16. If Manchester City win, you will get £106.25 (including your stake), if it’s a draw, you’ll get your stake back (£100), and if Watford win – then you have lost it all! I hope that is all clear, and here are some tips to consider.

Tip 1 – Use it as a Safety Net

First of all, if you are indecisive between two outcomes when betting on a football match, the ‘Draw No Bet’ will certainly help you. If you can’t decide if Manchester United will beat Chelsea at home or not, you can bet it as a ‘Draw No Bet’, so you’ll win if Manchester United win, and you’ll get your stake returned if it’s a draw. The odds will be shorter, but with the safety net there, it’s more likely to rescue money for you. I would also recommend using this type of bet for your accumulator bets too. If you bet on five matches, and four have been successful, and the last one is a draw, you would lose everything in a normal ‘match result’ accumulator. However, with a draw no bet, you would win the money from picking correctly on matches one to four, and the fifth will just return your stake. Enjoy the safety net.

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Tip 2 – Back the outsider

When betting on an outsider, we are always given kind odds, and this doesn’t change too drastically when betting on an outsider in a ‘Draw No Bet’. For example, if you believe that Real Betis can win at Barcelona, you can bet on it at 16/1 in a normal bet, or 12/1 in a ‘Draw No Bet’. The odds are still relatively generous, and you have the extra cushion of a draw meaning you will get your stake back.

Tip 3 – Positive Progressive Betting

If you are a fan of positive progressive betting, then you should certainly consider a ‘Draw No Bet’. By winning almost ‘dead-cert’ bets all the time, increasing your stake with each success, then this would be the betting type for you. First of all, you can choose really short odds to secure the win, by backing the likes of Manchester City to win at home (could be in the region of 1/50), and if they were to slip up one day by possibly drawing, then you will return to where you were, and not have to start from scratch again. Therefore, the fact that odds are really short, combined with a safety net option, just makes perfect sense.

Tip 4 – In-Play Betting

In-play betting is becoming more popular, especially if you are watching the football match in front of your very own eyes. Betting on a ‘Draw No Bet’ does exist with some betting firms during the match, and there are many scenarios which can boost your earnings. For example, if you are watching Barcelona against Real Madrid, and the away team have taken an early lead, the odds would change for betting on Barcelona to win. Backing them to come from behind will be given great odds, so you could choose to bet on it, knowing that if they managed to get back and just draw, you’d keep your stake at least. It could also work in the opposite way, you could back the team that are already winning with a ‘Draw No Bet’, meaning that you are even more certain of winning unless the team losing comes from behind which can be a rare occurrence (particularly if they are weak teams or underdogs).

Tip 5 – Look out for other ‘No Bets’

Finally, this article is about ‘Draw No Bet’, but don’t be surprised if you see ‘Home Team No Bet’ or ‘Away Team No Bet’. The same formula works, where you opt to select one from two options, and then you get your stake back if the ‘Home Team’ or ‘Away Team’ wins depending on the bet type you choose. All the other four tips can be used to help you with these in the same way, to maximise your options even further.

I hope you enjoyed reading and saw some value in using the ‘Draw No Bet’ option in the future. Good luck!

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