If you have been living in a cave, you may not be aware of the infamous accumulator, which is the ever-growing popular way of betting on some footy.

Accumulators have revolutionised the way that people bet, and many see it as the most thrilling and intriguing way of losing a couple of quid. However, there will be that one Saturday afternoon, or that Wednesday night where your accumulator comes in, and then you have enough money to purchase an Xbox! Well, at least was the case from my early experience. So, why do we love accumulators? And what are the greatest tips to maximise our earnings from them? Continue reading, and thou shall found out.

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What is an accumulator?

If you have just started getting into betting, let me clear up for you what an accumulator is. It’s essentially a selection of bets ranging from 2 selections to whatever the limit is for the bookmakers, which is usually about 25. If you have two selections, it’s named a double, three for a treble, and everything after that is a number-fold accumulator (i.e. six-fold accumulator for 6 selections). It is a win or lose situation.

If ALL of your selections come through, then you win your accumulated earnings, if ONE or MORE of your selections fail, then you lose the entire bet. Accumulators are most common for predicting the result of matches, but the truth is you can bet on any type of betting, for example, amount of goals, goal scorers, cards, correct scores and so much more.

How do the odds work – Example

Let’s say you have £5, and you bet on 4 football results.

Match One Odds: 1/2
Match Two Odds: 1/1
Match Three Odds: 2/1
Match Four Odds: 4/1

Just betting on match one, would give you returns of £7.50 (stake included). Going into match 2, we use the winnings of match one to accumulate the odds, so £7.50 can return £15.00 (stake included). Going into match 3, we use the winnings, which would give us returns of £45 (stake included). Going into match 4, we use the winnings of matches 1 to 3, which is £45, which would give us a grand total of £225 (stake included). If all matches win, we win the £225, if we get one or more wrong – we lose everything.

Tip 1 – Experience with different bet types

The beauty of accumulators is that you can use so many different types of betting, and you can mix and match too. You don’t have to select just the correct result for a game, as now you can choose games to be under/over a certain amount of goals, players to score in their match, teams to win both halves, to score a certain amount of goals and more. Your accumulator can include a match result, correct score and even the amount of corners given in one game! In addition to that, when a competition comes along, you can also bet on who you think will be the group winners, as an accumulator bet. Betting is primarily for fun, as well as earnings, so enjoy the flexibility of making accumulators.

Tip 2 – You choose the odds

Accumulators give you such a wide range of odds. If you want an almost dead-cert three match accumulator of Barcelona, Juventus and Bayern Munich winning at 4/5 – you can have it. If you want to select 10 underdog teams to win in their respective FA Cup clash at 500/1 – you can do it. If you are not a risky type of better, then don’t go choosing the latter just because you want to experiment with an accumulator. Every accumulator you can select will show you the odds, so alter it, analyse it, and choose the odds that best suits you.

Tip 3 – Back against your selections to soften the blow

So often we choose accumulators with many bets, and often we lose the bet when one or two let us down. These are known as ‘coupon busters’, which I will also address in my next tip. There are a few ways to soften this blow. The first way is to put on other bets, that contradict your betting selections here. So, when you lose your larger accumulator, you may be able to win your money back, and more, on your other bet. For example, if you have a four match accumulator, and Manchester City’s shock draw at home to Leicester cost you your winnings, wouldn’t it be great if you had bet on Leicester to earn a draw on another bet? Winnings from accumulators are usually big, so placing several smaller bets and backing against your selection, would be a small dent in your eventual winnings from your first accumulator, and could often put you in a no-loss situation, when your back-up bets come in.

Tip 4 – Use Bookmakers ‘cash out’ & ‘Insurance’

Another way of preventing the burden of a ‘coupon buster’ is by taking advantage of the bookmaker’s insurance bets. In recent years, many bookmakers give you the option to ‘cash out’ before your selections have been settled. For example, you could have 5 selections currently winning, but two currently losing, so you could win a percentage of your winnings now by cashing out, instead of holding out for a large win, or losing everything. Not only that, but some bookmakers also offer you an ‘insurance’ bet, which means you can win your accumulator if you only get one selection wrong. This is usually on accumulators with at least 5 selections, but take any advantage presented to you.

Tip 5 – Treat it as a lottery ticket

My last tip is to treat some accumulators as a lottery ticket. It’s undeniable that accumulators are the best way to win super huge amounts of money in betting. Instead of wasting money on a lottery ticket, put that money instead on a football accumulator with ridiculous odds, with somewhat realistic chances. What’s the best way to do it? Predicting 6 correct football scores should give a six figure income, and they don’t have to be crazy scores.

Correctly predicting the likes of 1-0’s, 3-1’s, 2-0’s, and 2-2’s in six different games will always give you six figures if you bet one measly pound. Also, if you are happy with five figure winnings, then bet 10 pence instead! Some bookmakers will pay out up to a million, too. I know from personal experience, these winnings have happened and changed lives.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and it encourages to bet wisely on accumulators, and to embrace them. Always bet responsibly, and always enjoy.

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