Adding £1,000 to your bank account usually takes time and effort. Working on minimum wage would take you over a month of hard work, working as a bank manager can take you a week of pure stress, and if you are a certain Argentine footballer for Barcelona – it can take you a matter of minutes. However, for us regular folk, us tipsters, we can get to that amount with a few clicks on a mouse. Getting to £1,000 is no easy feat, and it’s never a certainty or else everyone would be doing it! It requires further research, more calculation, and also some real courage when the earnings increase.

Patience is a Virtue

If we want to give ourselves the best chance of getting to £1,000, we need to be boringly patient. It’s possible to win that sort of money in just one bet, but realistically the odds are completely out of our favour. It’s a long, gradual process, but good things come to those who wait. At the beginning, your winnings will seem almost meaningless, but as the process goes along, the winnings will double in terms of percentage and you get to the stage of earning an easy income.

Bet on ‘Almost dead-certs’

Nothing is ever certain in football, and the unpredictable can so often happen. However, every bet that you are going to do, you have to be 99% confident that it will come through. If you opt to back on something you are only about 90% confident in, then chances are it’s going to come back and bite you some point along the line.

Matches to Avoid

‘Form goes out of the window’ is a phrase you’ll hear about derby games in football. Case in point, the great Manchester United side in 2008 that won the double, lost to a poor Manchester City side home and away that season. Not only that, but cup competitions, international friendlies, or even big international tournaments such as the World Cup or European Championships. Who’d have thought South Korea would have beaten Germany!?

Types of Bets to Make

Betting on a result of the match isn’t the wisest option, as I’d usually recommend the ‘double chance’ bet. This gives you two options, so backing the favourites to win or draw is a highly likely event. In addition to that, I’d suggest backing there to be at least 1 goal in games you just know won’t be a 0-0. For example, Barcelona have yet to draw any game 0-0 this season, and no one is really surprised. Had you bet on them in 30+ matches, you’d be on your way to more than £1,000 by now. If you want to win in the most concrete way possible, then use your ‘Goal Handicap’ bets. For example, when Burnley play Manchester City, betting on them to win with a +6 head start is incredibly likely, but the margin will grow slower.

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Starting amount

Bet what you can afford, but to put some speed into it, I’d recommend starting from £10 to £25 on the first best. Please feel free to bet more if you have the funds available.

How often do I bet?

To get to your goal quicker, I’d recommend trying to put at least one bet per day. Every day you will see odds that you require, and there are football matches every single day now across the entire world. On weekends, you can bet at least three times per day if you time it right.

How quickly can it grow?

Depends on how many matches you choose, but here is an example of the first three calculated bets you may make in just one day of football.

Total Stake: £25

Bet One: Barcelona vs Valencia (Barcelona to win with a +3 handicap) at 1/50

Winnings: £25.50

Bet Two: Bayern Munich vs Schalke (Bayern Munich to win with a +2 handicap) at 1/40

Winnings: £26.14

Bet Three: Sassuolo vs Juventus (There to be over 0.5 goals) at 1/25 (I would not make these types of bets when betting larger amounts – this is just an example)

Winnings: £27.19

In three bets, we have seen an increase of £2.19. For the first couple of weeks, you may see an average of £3 increase per day which is about £42. However, every day you will see your earnings gradually increase. In weeks from three to four you may see a £15 increase per day, and by weeks 5 and 6 you can see increases from £50 per day. Then, when it takes extra courage, bet on odds of about 1/50 or 1/100 as the minimum. For example, if you have earned £950, bet on 1/50, and that alone will win you £19. Easy money, right?

Ultimately, patience, calmness and courage will make you £1,000 richer on football, and all you have to do is click buttons on your mouse, do a little bit of research and Bob’s your uncle! You’ll win a few bob, that is.

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