Sportsbooks for US players

We bring you the best reviews of online sportsbooks for US players to bet on football, all of our reviews are in depth and bring you detail regarding trust, security, odds, payments and sportsbook offers.

The best Sportsbooks Online

With so many online sportsbooks, its important to trust the US sportsbook you choose, we know that the market is now changing with more licensed online betting sportsbooks bringing their amazing products, for betting online and betting on mobile and we want to keep you playing on the very best.

What do we look at when we review online sportsbetting websites? The team has a history of betting! We have opened more accounts and placed bets on hundreds of sportsbetting websites over the last 15 years, as such, we have seen the best grow, and the worst thankfully close their doors as they were not supporting their players.

When we review, we look at the whole betting site experience, from registration, support, deposit, cashout, security, odds and offers, we update our reviews if things change, and advise if the site is not operating correctly with its players, we always want anyone looking for a sports betting website on line to find one that is trusted and will provide the best odds, support and service.

bet on NFL football games

With over 40% of all betting action going on the NFL its easy to see why bettors love the game! If you are looking to bet on NFL games than read our betting on NFL articles, we give you all the information you need to be on NFL games right now.

Betting online has always been something that was seen as illegal, however with the new regulations, it is seen to be opening up in a way that is allowing offshore US betting on NFL. You should always be aware that some sportsbooks may not be licensed in any jurisdiction, and therefore should be avoided. These sportsbook will not appear on, only regulated and licensed sportsbooks will be reviewed nd added to our sportsbook directory.

Legal Offshore betting

Betting websites that are licensed, and supply betting services to US clients can be called offshore betting companies, these companies are regulated and operate offshore in order to allow their players to bet. Are these offshore betting companies legal? We could say that as they are being allowed to operate, but without marketing, that they are bieng accepted, you should always however ensure that the offshore sportsbook you are betting with had a good reputation. is a review site, the laws surrounding online betting for US players is one that is contantly changing from state to state, you should be aware that we do not provide legal advise on where to bet or if it is legal to bet, but do offer reviews of great sportsbooks online.

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