Best Sportsbook Accepting bitcoin

If you are looking to choose the best sportsbook that accepts bitcoin then we have the information you are looking for. With the increase in the acceptance of bitcoin online for purchases, shopping and now online banking and trading, it was only a matter of time until bitcoin was accepted by the best sports betting websites.

Bitcoin betting sites – bitcoin used as a deposit method

The sportsbook now offering to accept bitcoin are increasing, but as many sportsbooks are not able to accept US players, its important to note which of these are the best to bet with when it comes to access, deposits, security, the odds on football offered, customer support and licensing. The way to deposit with bitcoin on sites depends on the independent sites implementation of accepting bitcoin.

These are the best betting sites accepting bitcoin

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Bitcoin Cashout from sportsbook – a secure cashout method

With the issues that most sportsbook face when it comes to sending money back to players once you make a cashout request, the use of two main cashout methods has emerged, previous it was always using bank wire, this was a secure, low cost and efficient method, however with the emergence of bitcoin, it has rapidly been adopted as the cashout method of choice, for several reasons

  • instant cashouts available
  • low cost, low fees
  • secure, using bitcoins secure crypto currency algorithms
  • easy to track transactions

With all of these factors, we see that bitcoin will become the top cashout option for sports bettors going forward, bank wire will remain, but lacks the speed of bitcoin cashouts from betting sites.

Fully integrated – bitcoin to USD

With a sportsbook that is fully integrated to accept bitcoin, making a deposit is easy, jusy use their interface to make the deposit, fill in the minimal amount of information needed and accept to make the transfer.

The funds will then be available on the sportsbetting website, and the last step is the transfer of USD at the exchanged value, into your betting account. This can be fully automated, or some sites have a security team to check that the sender is actually associated with the account, if all is fine then the finds are on the betting account almost immediately.

As most sports betting sites are continually updating their technical implementation of accepting bitcoin, we soon expect all sites to be fully automated, with instant security checks as the deposit is processed.

Partial Integration – bitcoin to a third party, then to betting site as USD

With this method, you are directed to a third party bitcoin payment processor, who accepts your deposit, the acceptance is then forwarded to the betting website, all automatically, with the value to be added to your betting account in USD. This method of implementation is normally used prior to the website completing their own fully integrated bitcoin deposit process. In the end, both processes, partial, and fully integrated work, we do see a speed benefit with the fully integrated however, so it is preferred.

bitcoin betting – the future

As we go forward, we see that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will remain a focus when it comes to be deposits and cashouts on sportsbooks. It security, ease of use and the acceptance now growing, means it will be available and used for more online transactions, including online betting. If you are a bitcoin user you already know the benefits of using bitcoin as your online currency, and if you are new to bitcoin, all websites will now help you get up and running quickly, assisting in getting you up to speed on creating your wallet, advising you on security and how yo make your first secure bitcoin purchase, follow by your first deposit into your betting account.

bitcoin security

Much has been written about the security of bitcoin and more information can be found here on the bitcoin website. We do not want to get into the encyption, the security protocols used or the depth of security that comes along with running a bitcoin wallet or making transactions, but what does need to be remembered is the storage, and the security.

Just like cash now, you would not leave wallet lying around open, and you would not leave your password available to anyone that has your credit card. Security is required, but, its not a technical problem that requires an IT degree, its just common sense to use and secure your bitcoin wallet.


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