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We look at the bet types and odds available to you as a bettor when making your bet on football. With so many options it can be confusing for the first time bettor, but with a small amount of effort you can soon ensure you are backing teams that will at least have the best chance of delivering you a win.

Type of bets when betting on football and NFL Odds

We see many bet types and strategies applied when betting on football, we wanted to give you more detail on what we see as the best value bets for you to make as an amateur bettor.

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Spread betting

With NFL games being so high scoring NFL betting is dictated by the point spread. As an explanation of spread betting; the spread also known as ‘line’ and it can be seen as a type of side bet that equalizes the chance of winning. The spread/line that is set by the sportsbook and offered to bettors for any given game will be designated with either the – or + symbol which shows the favorite, or if the team is expected to be the underdog.


With team differences being so small, and the winning or losing margin being so close within the NFL games Moneyline (ML) bets can be placed on either the favorite or the underdog, with the bet intention to win. This bet suits those who think that either a team is about to break out from several previous losses, or that they are happy accepting the odds even for a favorite to win.

Quarter /1st Half Lines

As with ML (Money line bets) most bets made by bettors on football games are on the final outcome of the game, we have seen many new hybrid bet types offered particularly with in-play betting (betting live on NFL games during the game) but bets such as 1st quarter and 1st half lines have been offered for some time and are well taken up by bettors. So what is the Quarter spread bet? The quarter spread bet is used to select who will be winning at the end of the 1st quarter, with the 1st Half Line spread bet covering the first two quarters, and being decided when the 2 quarters are over.

Half time Lines

Other bets that exist and are offered by the best NFL sportsbooks are in-game bets that are placed placed DURING halftime, and its exactly what you would expect, a bet made to determine the outcome of the second half, basically betting on determining the outcome of the game.

Betting on Totals or Over-Under

When betting on totals or over/under you bet whether the points scored in the game (the total points scored) will be over or under a number, this number is set by the sportsbook offering the bets, this betting and the totals / under/over values are affected by the bettors making other bets, and are so determined by the betting website based on this data.

Parlays and Teaser betting

Parlays are wagers placed in combination with other bets such as spread bets, moneyline bets and totals, and are there to help you increase your win. Parlay bets only become winning bets when all your individual other bets become wins. Teaser bets are based on points that help you push the win value higher when you win. As an example if the proposed bet line happens to be offered at -14 and you have a 6 point teaser points value, your new line is -8.

Futures betting on NFL

Futures bets are placed on an event that will occur in the future, with almost no limit to the types of bets that you can make or will be offered by the top NFL sportsbooks, most initial future bet in size of volume is superbowl winner. There will be odds on games, goals scored, most touchdowns, yards run, the list of bets offered by the best websites ensures that some really interesting bets can be had, normally with excellent or at the least very interesting odds.

With all the bets on offer, in-play- futures and more, having a great strategy and ensuring you are betting with a trusted betting website is important, check all the best NFL sportsbook reviews here


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