Football Betting Terms and Bookies Slang Explained

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, as teams face off against each other in many different leagues across the globe. Betting on soccer games is a favorite pastime for many people and offers a great opportunity to learn more about the world of soccer. Here are a few of the most common phrases and terms in soccer betting.

3-way handicap

A 3-way handicap gives you three potential bets, which includes a win, loss, or draw. These types of bets are common in soccer, as sometimes the game will end in a draw without a winner or a loser.

Accumulator Bet

An accumulator bet combines four or more selections into a single bet, as the winnings are typically much higher due to the increased risk of losing the bet if any of the choices are incorrect.


An ante is a betting method that allows you to place bets on an event that is weeks or even months in advance before the game is decided. For example, placing an ante on the next winner of the Premier League as soon as the season is over is a common betting practice in soccer.

Betting Exchange

A betting exchange is different from traditional betting, as it allows people to bet against each other in a controlled setting, instead of a bookmaker.

Binary Betting

Binary betting sets the odds of an event happening by measuring the likelihood from 0 to 100. A setting of 0 means that the event didn’t happen, while a 100 means that the event happened. The greater the chance of an event happening will result in a higher


A book is an informal term for a bookmaker, as a bookie sets the odds, accepts bets, and pays out the winnings on behalf of an organization.

Both Teams To Score

Both teams to score is a popular betting option in soccer, as it gives you the opportunity to place a bet on whether both sides will score a goal or not.

Cards / Red Cards

A penalty card results in any soccer player that commits misconduct during a match. A yellow card is common for actions such as unsportsmanlike behavior and two yellow cards for the same player results in automatic ejection. A red card means that a player has violated a rule of the game and is also automatically ejected from the match.

Clean Sheets

A clean sheet occurs in a soccer match whenever another team prevents the opposition from scoring any goals. Clean sheets are a common occurrence, as most soccer games tend to be low-scoring affairs.

Closing line

A closing line is also known as the final line, which is the last betting line for a soccer match before the match begins.


Corners is a specialized bet in soccer that relies on the expected number of corners in a soccer match, as the better has the opportunity to bet over or under this specific amount. A corner kick is always rewarded when the soccer ball passes over the goal line.

Double Betting

A double bet relies on two outcomes that must be correctly guessed to receive a return. One of the main advantages of double betting is that it is more profitable compared to a single bet.


Dutching is an advanced betting technique in soccer that focuses on covering multiple selections while guaranteeing which of these selections will have the same number of wins.

Each Way Bet

An each way bet is an available option that allows you to make two separate bets on the same event, such as betting that a team will win a tournament or place in the top three.

European Handicap

A European handicap is any wager that uses a whole number of goals that are added to the underdog and subtracts these goals from the favorite to win the match. The bet is ultimately settled on the final outcome of the game after you make adjustments for the handicap.

First Goalscorer

A first goalscorer bet is any bet that you place on a specific player to score the first goal in a soccer match.

Half Time/ Full-Time Betting

Half-time or full-time betting refers to any bet that predicts the outcome at half-time, while also placing a bet on the final result.

Evens Bet

An events bet occurs at odds that are at 1/1, and provides a good opportunity to double your money.

Exacta or Perfecta

An exacta or perfecta bet is when you bet on the top two teams that finish in a tournament or league. The odds of winning these bets are small, but they do result in a larger payout.

Fixed odds

Fixed odds is a common betting practice, as it allows you to place a bet on any soccer match with pre-determined odds that will not change once you have placed your bet.


A forecast bet allows you to pick the top finishers in a tournament or league standings. You can also choose more than two teams, as this is known as a combination forecast.

Free Bets

Free bets allow you to make any bets without risking any money. Free bets are typically common in promotions for gambling outlets that are trying to attract new clients.

H2H Betting

H2H betting allows you to bet on the outcome of a soccer match, whether you expect the team to win, lose, or draw.


Hedging your bets allows you to make multiple bets that will guarantee that you will make a profit or at least minimize any risks.

InPlay Betting

InPlay betting continues to grow in popularity, as it allows you to place bets on a game during a live soccer match, as you are able to react to the events in a soccer match while it is being played.


The term juice in the betting world simply means the amount of money charged by a bookmaker for taking a bet on a soccer game.


The limit means that maximum dollar amount that you are allowed to bet on a soccer match. A limit makes it easier to maintain a fair betting line.


Margin betting only focuses on the margin of victory of a soccer match and it isn’t concerned with who wins or loses.

Match Parlays

Match parlays consists of multiple bets on different matches, as each one has to be correct to win the payout. The chance of success is lower in match parlays, but the potential payout is much greater than traditional bets.

Minute Markets

Minute markets are based on a 90-minute soccer match and do not include any penalty shootouts or extra time.

Money Back Bets

Money back bets are often used as a promotion that allows you to receive your money back from a losing bet if a specific event occurs during the soccer match.

Off The Board

A sportsbook that refuses to take any bets for a particular game is known as “off the board.” Typically, this occurs due to a key injury of a player that may affect the outcome of a match.


An outright bet focuses on the outcome for an entire league, as these bets are more common before the season begins. However, an outright bet can also be made during the season.

Over-Under Betting

Over-Under betting usually focuses on the combined score of a soccer match, as the bettor has the opportunity to bet that the number will either be higher or lower.


A payout is the amount of money that you will receive for a successful bet.


Penalties can make a significant impact on the outcome of a soccer match, as these penalty shots allow a team to have a free kick against a goalkeeper. Penalty kicks occur anytime a foul happens within the penalty area of the defending team.

Promotion & Relegation Bets

These bets are made on teams that they believe will receive a promotion or relegation due to their performance in a soccer league.


A scorecast bet requires an individual to correctly predict the player to score the first goal and the winner of the soccer match.

Single Bet

A single bet focuses on the outcome of one event, and it gives you the opportunity to make money if you guess correctly.


A sharp in the betting world is an individual that is very skilled at placing wagers on sporting events, as these are professional gamblers that place bets on a regular basis.


A square is a negative term for any novice bettor that is new to the betting world. These individuals tend to bet casually and do not place bets on a full-time basis. Specials – These bets are based on events that may or may not happen during a soccer match, such as which player will score the first goal in the game.


A sportsbook allows a gambler to bet on various competitions in sports. Spread Betting – Spread betting doesn’t involve fixed odds, but the wagers are settled on the accuracy of your predictions for a soccer match.

System Bets

A system bet consists of multiple bets, and you do not have to be correct on each one to still win. A system bet needs to be placed at long odds to gain a significant profit.


A tipster provides a bettor with advice on a particular matchup and includes information on the most likely outcome of a soccer match.

Top Scorer

A top scorer bet is a bet that focuses on the top scorer of a soccer match or tournament. A top scorer can be multiple players.

Tournament Winner

A tournament winner bet is any bet that predicts the winner of a soccer tournament. Tournaments are played at different times of the year, such as the FIFA Confederations Cup or the World Cup.

Void Bet

A void bet occurs when your bet is returned due to specific circumstances, such as a bet that predicts a player to score the first goal of the match but he is injured during pregame warmups.


A win/draw/win is very common in soccer, as it is a bet that chooses a soccer team to win or draw in a particular match.

Wise Guy

A wise guy is a well-informed individual that is knowledgeable and highly successful in placing bets for sporting events.


A wincast bet is common for soccer matches, as it allows you to predict the winner of the match, while also predicting a player that will score a goal during the game.

Winning Margin

Winning margin bets are very popular, as it allows you to place a bet on the margin of victory for a soccer team.

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