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Are you looking to bet on NFL! Great we have reviewed the best NFL sportsbook offers and only bring you the very best. With over 40 great sportsbooks online that offer betting on NFL we can understand that it can be confusing, but its important to ready the reviews, and play only at online betting websites that you can trust.

NFL Betting, what, how and when can I bet?

For those of you that are new to football betting, there is no greater set of games to bet on NFL games, the NFL consists of 32 teams divided into 8 divisions and each team will play 16 games through season, these consist of 8 at home and 8 games away, although this is a shorter major league event, when compared to others it is however, definitely the best major sports league to watch, but that does not restrict the amount of betting types, betting lines and NFL betting options you have, so get ready to register at any of our best betting websites, bet on NFL and enjoy!

The best NFL betting website reviews are below

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NFL Betting, who’s betting and from where?

We all know that betting on NFL is a big business, just how big? Well its hard to say due to the betting being split between legal betting operators in states that allow it (example: Las Vegas) and the offshore betting websites for US players that are operating legally with a license in these jurisdictions.

When it comes to how much is being placed as wagers on football, we have seen numbers that are in the range from $25 billion to $75 billion annually, this includes NFL and college football, with the value that was legally being a small percentage of these values, its not hard to see that we love to bet on football!

How much of the total betting value is on NFL games, we think from the stats we have seen from major sportsbooks, that over 45% of betting activity takes place on NFL games.

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NFL, What can you bet on?

Millions of us watch football, its grown in its following and the fans just love it! Its become part of the American Culture, and as such online bookmakers have eagerly taken the sport onboard and work hard to bring us the best NFL odds, all linked to futures, teasers, moneyline and parlay bets, with bets available even in-play, so live.

What does this mean for us as an amateur bettor; We are able to find any bet we want, normally at odds that we are happy with, it also means that we are able to pick up many in-play live bets on NFL games, giving us all the flexibility we like when we bet for fun.

Want to learn more NFL betting terminology

> Point Spread

> Against the spread ATS

> Straight Up

> Over Under

> Underdog

Is it easy to win NFL bets?

Is it easy to win when betting on the NFL? Just like betting on any other sport or sports league, the answer is NO, just like betting on any sport, it takes learning, persistence an understanding of the sports, the team and determination to put the time and effort in to spot what others may not spot, and sometimes go against the norm when making bets that you feel are based on your learning’s.

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NFL Odds & Betting Lines

Learn more about NFL lines and Odds, check out our summary of the most used, get ot know how to bet on NFL today and increase your knowledge and chances of winning.

> American Odds

> Decimal Odds

> Fractional Odds

> Futures

Top tips and Predictions

If you are looking for the latest game tips and previews, read our NFL betting tips and predictions covering all the top games, learn who will play, what the best lines and picks are to increase your chances of getting that big win.