Online Betting Strategies

Top Betting Strategies Explained

The growth of the Internet and rise of online betting has resulted in the increase of online communities and the number of betting sites available.
People are now using online communities, such as social media and forums, to share tips that they use to bet successfully, many of which have become strategies.

A betting strategy, is also known as a betting system or staking method, which aims to increase the return amount or frequency of return from betting. Essentially tilting the house edge in favour of the player.
Many betting systems are built on personal experience, in which a player has developed a system that they have successfully used to win on betting time and again.

Other systems are based on statistical analysis.
It is worth noting that no one betting system is guaranteed, nor can it guarantee a successful outcome prediction.
This is especially true for sports betting markets, where the outcome is dependent on a live game such as a football match, horse race.

Most betting strategies are based around decreased odds, whereby the probability of winning is greater than that of losing.

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Different Betting Strategies

Different betting strategies are usually determined by how much you have in your account, how much you wish to bet per event and how often you are placing bets.

Another factor is the type of person placing the bet. Do they want quick results with big returns? Or are they in it for the long game and happy with smaller wins?

Below are some of the most popular strategies used in sports betting across a variety of platforms and by different characters of people depending on their goals:

Martingale Betting

The Martingale strategy is designed to cover any losses by doubling up on any failed bet.
The stake is doubled when a loss occurs, to cover what you have just lost, plus the next bet’s stake.
If consecutive losses occur, the stake is doubled each time until you win, e.g. 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / 16.
This system often results in large bets for small wins.

Fibonacci Betting

Fibonacci is a progressive betting strategy, much like Martingale, which is designed to cover any losses.
However bets are placed in accordance to the Fibonacci sequence, e.g. 1 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 8 / 13…
Using this system also usually requires a betting market to have a minimum odds you have to look for before placing the bet in order for it to work.

Fixed Wager Betting

Fixed wager betting is exactly what it says; your wager is fixed for each and every bet you place.
The wager you are placing does not vary under any circumstance, whether you win or how much you win.

Proportional Betting aka Kelly Criterion

Proportional betting is the strategy that uses a chunk of your bank balance in accordance with your edge.
A betting edge is the advantage you have over the bookmaker.
This may be in the form of inside info, knowledge or being up to date with news.
A good method of getting the edge is to follow social media updates and bet in-play.
If your edge is 5%, you divide this by the betting odds to give you the stake you place on the event.
This strategy is designed to increase your winnings quicker than some other systems and minimises losses compared with Martingale.

Lump Betting

The lump betting strategy is also known as boom and bust. You lump everything you have in your account balance on each bet.
Using this strategy, bettors can get big returns and a fast pace. But also run the risk of losing everything in the shortest possible time.

Lay Betting

Lay betting is known for being less risky, but often requires niche knowledge to pick bets carefully.
If you know the sport inside out, are up to date with latest news and can spot a bet you think should have shorter odds, lay betting can be profitable.
Lay betting is the strategy whereby you bet against the outcome, or for something to not happen, rather than backing the outcome.
This is more common on betting exchanges.
An example of this is laying a draw on a football match – so you’re saying a draw will not happen. As soon as a team scores, you cash out your bet. Of course, this only works a bookmaker that offers cashing out in-play.

Value Betting

A value betting strategy can vary from bettor to bettor but generally involves spotting a high value bet than what a bookmaker has given it credit for.
Value bets are common in horse racing with experienced punters who study horses closely and monitor their performance over a set period of time.
However, with value betting, it’s not all about knowledge. punters use a formula to calculate whether or not a bet actually provides value. If the value is greater than 1, then it is a value bet. The formula used for this is; multiply probability by odds and divide the total by 100.

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