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Bet Online – Getting Started

Betting on sports has always been a popular pastime of many sports enthusiasts all over the world.
Whilst already hugely popular, sports betting has rocketed over the last 15-20 years due to the Internet and possibilities that it brings.

In the early days of Internet access, many high street bookmakers started branching out and expanding their business online.

This meant that people had access to everything they usually do in their local bookmaker – but at their fingertips and from their own home computer. However, customer choice was limited and only few were available.

Fast forward 15+ years and we have seen the rise of bookmakers developing sophisticated websites and mobile sites, including apps, that make online betting easier than ever before. There are now thousands of bookmakers available all over the world, some of which are based solely online and do not have a high street venue.

So How Do You Get Started With Online Betting?

Betting online can sometimes seem a bit daunting, but it is easier than you think.
If you’re considering placing bets online, there are some basic principles worth noting to ensure you make the right choices from the start.

These include:

  • Deciding which sport you would like to bet on most.

This is important as some bookmakers favour certain sports over others and may excel in a particular area, such as horse racing, greyhounds, NFL etc.

  • Research and compare betting websites to find one that suits you.

Asking friends for recommendations is also a good way to choose a good bookmaker.

  • Decide whether or not you want a free bet offer as a new customer.

Nearly all bookmakers provide a promotion for new customers to get free bets. Each betting site sets its own deals, so always look around for the one you like most. It is also worth noting that free bets come with conditions, which must be met before you can claim any winnings. This point is extremely important as some bookmakers may also cap winnings at a maximum stake, payout or odds. If you do not wish to be tied in to promotion conditions, check that you can opt out of any offers before signing up.

  • Register A New Betting Account

Once you have found an online bookmaker you like the look of, the next step is to register for a new account.
All registration forms are usually quick and take less than 5 minutes to complete.
Some bookmakers require new customers to provide proof of age / identity and may request a photo copy of your passport or driving license, so it is worth having one of these to hand when registering.

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  • Deposit Funds In To Your New Account

Before you can place your first bet, you will need to deposit funds in to your betting account.
This is done by navigating to the ‘cashier’ section of the website or by clicking on the ‘deposit’ button. From here you will be able to choose a payment method that you wish to use.
The most popular payment methods when betting online are; Visa, MasterCard, Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal and Neteller.
Once you have selected your preferred payment method, decide how much you want to deposit in to your account to get you started. Some bookmakers have restrictions on the amounts you can deposit, including minimum and maximum amounts. Average minimum deposits at online bookmakers tend to be 5 of your chosen currency or more, e.g. £5/$5/5Euro.

  • Placing A Bet

You’ve found an online bookmaker, you’ve registered and deposited funds, you’re now ready to begin betting online.
To do so is pretty straight forward.

Online bookmakers categorise sports so that you can easily find the event you wish to bet on. Some categories are also broken down further in to sub-categories, which makes pin-pointing the betting market you want quicker.
Whilst all bookmaker sites look different and may vary slightly, they all follow the same general process for placing bets.

  1. Navigate to the sport you wish to bet on, e.g. golf, football, horse racing, by clicking on the category.
  2. Find the event you want to bet on, e.g. Football > Brazil Vs Germany.
  3. Once you select the event, betting options will then be displayed specifically for the event.
  4. Click on the option / wager you wish to place your bet on to add it to your online betting slip.
  5. View your betting slip to set the amount you wish to place (stake) and click on ‘confirm’ or ‘place bet’.
  6. Your bet is now placed.Often the bookmaker website will contain a live ‘bet slip’ at the top or side of the website so that you can see any bets you ‘add’ to your slip, before placing/confirming the bet.
    If you’re familiar with online shopping, the bet slip acts a bit like an online shopping cart, whereby you add the bets you wish to place first, then confirm them once you have selected your stake amount.

Betting Notes

The amount you place/stake on your bet is deducted from your online balance.
You can only bet with the amount of funds that you have within your account.
You cannot bet more than your account balance, without depositing more funds.
Bet winnings are paid/credited to your account balance automatically.
Winnings can be withdrawn from your account balance by using the ‘withdraw funds’ option from the bookmaker website.

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